6 Considerations: New Home Placement

When building a custom home, you first need to find the perfect piece of land. Often, you will fall in love with a location, neighborhood, or view - and you immediately know it is the right place to build your dream home. But locating the lot is just the first step of many. In this article, we discuss what you need to consider when you've found the perfect lot and are ready to design your home.

One of the most impactful design decisions takes place long before choosing fixtures, finishes, or even floorplans. Prospective homeowners must carefully evaluate how to position the house to most efficiently use the land and create the best lifestyle for their needs. Thoughtful positioning of the home will provide the maximum yard space, create attractive curb appeal, ensure the best views, optimize energy efficiency, and leverage your overall investment.

1. State of the Lot:Does the land need to be cleared or excavated before you can build? Does it currently have access to utilities? You'll need to consider those costs when establishing the construction budget and schedule. Additionally, there may be parts of the property that must be preserved, such as an oak tree hammock or wetlands preserve. There may be easements, slope or drainage concerns, or other construction restrictions. Be sure to consult with a reputable builder before drawing up any plans.

2. Foundation Requirements: Although Florida homes rarely have basements, your dream lot may require a specialized foundation or creative structure to accommodate the lot's characteristics. For instance, if you plan to build on one of our beautiful Keys, the house must adhere to building codes that require elevation in flood zones (often necessitating stilts or piers). If there is any significant slope on the lot, you may design the house to use the slope - not work against it by excavating or leveling the land. 

3. Driveway and Yard: With skillful planning, you can successfully achieve striking curb appeal no matter the size of the lot. If having a yard, front porch, or landscaping is important to you, the placement and shape of the driveway will be an essential detail. The positioning of the house on the lot will significantly impact the size of the front, side, and back yards. Home placement will also affect the cost or labor associated with running any necessary utility and service connections.

4. Natural Water Features: Home positioning will most likely be affected if your lot has a creek or stream running through it. But in Florida, you may also need to look for and work around swampy areas, protected wetlands, or areas that must comply with coastal regulations. 

5. Neighborhood Restrictions: If your lot is located in an existing neighborhood, carefully research any architectural or landscaping codes enforced by the HOA that could affect your home's construction plans and placement. Rules may dictate driveway placement, distance from the home to the street, restrictions on tree removal, or the feasibility of a fence, parking area, or outbuilding.

6. Exposure to the Elements: Understanding how the sun will travel over your property is essential when building a new home, whether for window placement or the best place to position a deck. Florida sun is intense, but new home builders have the luxury of positioning the home to maximize natural light while limiting heat. The home's layout in relation to the sun (or any existing trees) will also affect energy efficiency and HVAC requirements.

After you have selected the perfect lot for your Sarasota or Manatee home, call Bruce William Homes. We have extensive experience building Florida homes. We can impart valuable information about zoning and building codes and offer educated recommendations to solve any issues that may arise

When building a custom home, don't sacrifice location, view, or quality—call Bruce Williams Homes today. 

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